Voices of the Wisdomkeepers Trailer

Voices of the Wisdomkeepers Extended Preview (part 1 of 4)

Ongoing Voices of the Wisdom Series

We intend to continue the Voices of Wisdom video series and are asking for financial support, with our next project being to travel to Mount Sinai, Egypt in November, 2022 and document the Bedouin indigenous elders as well as others, during special events happening in that time / place. We have created a GoFundMe to raise funds for this project:

Message from the Filmmaker, Quincy Davis:

Other Ways to Support

If you wish to connect with the filmmaker about the documentary, we invite ideas for collaboration and are interested to host another screening with your community, as well as suggestions for getting the film into schools, to help the elder wisdom reach the youth.


This film's original soundtrack, composed by Quincy Davis, is available now for purchase.